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{February 28, 2009}   Environmentally Friendly Social Networks

Which social networks are a pro environment sorts of sites and Where do I go to find out more about Going Green and Saving The Planet?


Check out for a start 🙂 A Ning Social Network created by Gerhard Kaiser of Germany for the environmentally conscious! Share your ideas on How To Positively Effect the Planet! Network, Go Green, Share your business idea, tips from Hank Dunckel at RoRClubSave on Blog Talk Radio for energy efficicient vehicles and saving fuel, learn the European view on Global Awareness as well as many other Countries views across the glob as this site houses members from all over the World 🙂

We will discuss some groups on some major social networks like Facebook and MySpace, Going Green online with groups, forums, blogs, and social networks 🙂 Listen into our Blogs and Social Networks show on Go Green Environmentally Friendly Social Networks for some additional information 🙂

OK, where do I find some cool Go Green type MySpace or Ning Comments, Layouts,  and Graphics? for some great Earth Day Graphics 🙂 Ten Stars! for very eco-friendly Graphics. MySpace Our Planet environmental tips. for a cool countdown widget to Earth Day 🙂

A Few extra sites of note (not for graphics, but great environmental sites in general)

There is for some great information

and Disney.Go.Com/DisneyNature all we have to say is WOW!!!

Here is cool Widget from The Lil Green Patch Application at MySpace, Facebook, and My Yearbook ! Neat! Check it out (on the front page about half way down at 🙂 I tried it here at WordPress and sadly, it doesn’t work in the post but will work on other blogs and social networks 🙂 A screen capture will give a sneek peek though, complete with a link to the full selection of widgets 🙂


Part 2 of Environmentally Friendly Social Networks coming soon 🙂

Blogs and Social Networks with Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Blogheiress and Wavecritter Google Me 🙂

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