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{April 5, 2009}   MySpace Captchas No More :)

Woooooot!!! To Tom and MySpace 🙂

The Captchas can go if you wish them to and you have a mobile number!!! 🙂

This is the greatest Blogs and Social Networks News EVER!!! MySpace has listened to the people and will not be surpassed by Facebook anymore 🙂

I (for one, I am sure out of millions:) is super excited over the news 🙂

This is the form you fill out: (under your account settings page)


This will eliminate the captchas from your ISP, your personal computer, so if there are multiple users in your home, no worries!!! One cell phone, one number for texting, and no more captchas for all!!! Thank you MySpace! Thank You Tom 🙂 You do rock!!!

Visit Toms MySpace blog for details!

Stephanie and Stevie Haile aka Wavecritter and Teen Girls Radio Google Us 🙂


Sparks says:

It doesn’t work. I gave my cell number and they did give me code that worked for that moment….Then I shut my computer down for the night and turn it back on this morning I went on myspace to add a friend and the CAPTCHAs came back on….After I entered my cell number with the code last night. So it doesn’t work!!! If I need to do something else for it to work permenitly please send me a message on myspace…

Thanks so much

Tim says:

I signed up for no more captchas and it says its installed yet when I send invites for apps it still pops up as it always did.


Tom says:

Actually you have to verify each machine individually, but verifying the machine will turn off the captchas for every browser you use on that machine.

Thanks Tom 🙂 Thanks soooo Much!!! You Do Rock … No More Captchas is Brilliant, you are constantly #1 in my book 🙂 Been packing and moving into our new house, big job, but it’s a buyers market 🙂

jeremiah says:

man i sent for my code it didnt work

Yeah … I sent in a question about that as well. It didn’t work for us either 🙂 But Tom replied this to us all “Actually you have to verify each machine individually, but verifying the machine will turn off the captchas for every browser you use on that machine.” Thanks Tom 🙂

Note: Currently No More CAPTCHAs is not supported with the MySpace Toolbar login. Please log in normally for No More CAPTCHAs to work.

Paul says:

This has made it much easier for me to stay in touch with friends and family. Long overdue but worth the wait!


Matt H says:

yeah it worked for a few hours, now I get a captcha every time I send an invite, its way worse than before. and the no more captcha thing says my machine is already verified…. >:{

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