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{September 20, 2008}   Blogs and Social Networks FreeWebs
Free Webs Wavecritter

Free Webs Wavecritter

Sign Up Now for Free and get a free website, online photo album, blog, and more, PLUS, gain access to millions of Freewebs sites within our network. What more can we say? Pretty Sweet deal if you ask me 🙂 Blogs and Social Networks without FreeWebs dot com would certainly be missing something! Many templates to choose from, easy navigation side bar for editing and “fluffing your site. Photos, video, Blog, hyper links, HTML, and CSS editing capabilities (if you know a bit about CSS) for editing your layout! This site really is fairly easy, just take a minute to look at the controls, see what it is you want to accomplish, and complete it, no worries. Have fun at FreeWebs 🙂

Visit My FreeWebs Website

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me 🙂

{September 8, 2008}   Blogs and Social Networks FreeWebs
FreeWebs Wavecritter

FreeWebs Wavecritter

Have you checked into yet? Here you can set yourself up the coolest of webpages, inclusive are capture page forms and more:

The set up may take a little bit of a learning time to figure out, but then again, you could be getting busy with this site right away! I have found that some need the learning curve and some get started almost immediately 🙂

Kudos to FreeWebs and its site!

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me

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