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We discussed many of the top Social Bookmark Sites on our Blogs and Social Networks Show Social Bookmarking Sites but here are some details about a scattered few of these Social Bookmark Sites 🙂

bloglineswave tracks your favorite news, blogs, weather, and classifieds so you don’t have to 🙂 Beta Bloglines: Read Save Share, All In One Place! And get your favorite web sites and blog articles delivered to you. Available anywhere PC, Mac, Cell Phones, and IPhones. Check out the Bloglines top 1000 which is your guide to the most popular feeds. The Beta Bloglines is cool because you can drag whichever feeds you want on “My Start Page” , whatever you choose to be prominent. Like Google Reader, Bloglines is more for you. But also similar is that Google Readers feed lists can also be shared and viewed by others simply by clicking the share button and/or using their cool Reader Widget that you can place on your personal blogs and sites (which also adds to the fresh content on your blog 😉 and Bloglines sharing factor is a link like this one for others to see your personal Bloglines info:

wavecritter-newsvine is a different sort of Social Bookmark Site. Newsvine really focuses on Headline, interesting “right now” news and articles. Find something great to post to Newsvine via their free to use toolbar button. Like StumbleUpon, these sites concentrate more on individual posts, news and articles, not necessarily ones you wrote 🙂 Only found to include here in the mixx of Newsvine. So while you surf about and find the newest, most interesting articles, posts, and news stories, you can post them to your Newsvine page. If you are the first to post a particular story, you get to write a small description and get featured as the first to find this story 🙂 Both Newsvine and Stumble Upon are similar in this.

Digg usually houses an online on the site button to Digg a story rather than having a toolbar button.

At Newsvine, Stumble Upon, and Digg  friending is allowed, rather required at Digg though. Without friends at Digg who then Digg what you input into Digg, you are kind of left without many Digging your stuff 🙂 So keep that in mind.

Now, don’t forget if you are ever having trouble posting content to your blogs, whether they be a journal, a blog on a social network, or a seperate blog site like Live Journal, Blogger, WordPress, Podbean, or Vox, Why not make a post about your chosen social bookmarking sites? Why you use them and what they have to offer.


More Social Bookmarking sites to come 🙂

Blogs and Social Networks

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Blogs and Social Networks looks at a Social Bookmarking Site, Magnolia. At the free to use social bookmark site, you can search different topics of sites like Art and Photography.

Ma.gnolia has a featured linker, recent bookmarks, hot groups, and a hot bookmarks tab. Complete with a help page and discover section which allows you to see everyones bookmarks, tags, roots, applications, groups, discussions, newsletters, featured linkers, and also find people.

On the roots page, there is a video to show you how to use this area. It is located right next to the “How to Begin” and  has a little blue link called “Roots Screen”.

On the find people page, you can locate your favorite linkers by name, screen name, or email address.

The Chat page has a support index, tutorial, chat, blog, contact us, developer, center, and a wiki! Which I find quite cool 🙂

Join by signing in with your Open ID, Yahoo, Facebook, Click Pass, WordPress, AOL, Live Journal, or Type Pad accounts. Just choose one of these, choose a screen name, enter your email address and click 🙂

Even hook your Magnolia site straight to Technorati!

Blogs and Social Networks Bookmarks 🙂

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At Yahoo Buzz, one of Yahoo’s Social Bookmarking Sites, stories are ranked by your votes, comments, emails, and searches. You can even see what your friends are “Buzzing” about on the new Yahoo Messenger!

With these updates you can keep up with what your friends and family are “Buzzing”. It shows you the “Top Buzz and the “Up and Coming” as well as the “Just Added”. It also allows you to see the “Top Searches”.

The “Buzz Log” which is what’s hot on Yahoo and why you can submit your own stories. The more stories you submit, the more chances for you to acquire a higher rating and get noticed.

A handy FAQs page loaded with questions and answers for you to find help with navigating the site.

You get a “Buzz Activity” summary with thumbs up and thumbs down voting and a comments area.

Fill up your “My Connections Updates” by voting, sending, and sharing stories on Yahoo Buzz.

Your Yahoo email information gets you a straight connection to this social bookmarking site, so there is not a lengthy sign up. All you need is a Yahoo email address and you are connected.

Some of the latest top stories here at Yahoo Buzz are about Donald Trump, Shelters, Jennifer Hudson, Veterans Day, and Presidential Pooch Watch.


MyBlogLog is another of Yahoo’s Social Bookmark sites. Here you list your sites ( blogs and social networks or web sites ) and other members of MyBlogLog then join your created site group! Submitting any site allows the opportunity for any other member of MyBlogLog to then join the newly formed group that is your site! My Bloglog feed your newest interactions with each of your listed sites to your My Blog Log profile page. The newest inputs like what’s new on Twitter (your shout outs), what new posts you made on all of your blog sites you have listed, or newest photos from the photo sharing sites you have listed on MyBlogLog like PhotoBucket or Flickr.

MyBlogLog has an extensive list to submit your social networks as a feed that also records your newest happenings there.

In my opinion, if MyBlogLog is not currently on your list of social bookmarking sites that you use (weekly is best here), you are certainly missing out.

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{October 9, 2008}   Mixx Digg and Technorati
Mixx Wavecritter

Mixx Wavecritter

With so many choices out there for Bookmarking type social network sites, I thought we could cover some differences between Mixx, Digg, and Technorati. Each offers a draw or feature of difference and the slight and sometimes subtle variants may help in your decision making. Keeping close tabs and working multiple blogs, social networks, and bookmarking sites is a time consuming venture and is not functional to juggle many. It is best to focus on the ones that will best suit the outcome you are seeking.

Discover exactly how much time you are willing to commit, how much time and energy for this endeavor you can obligate, and most especially what you want to accomplish. What outcome are looking to gain?

Digg Wavecritter

Digg Wavecritter

This is really the most important thing, to know what you are setting out to do. Of course, you can choose to set up free accounts at all of the bookmarking sites and check each one out for a few minutes to see for yourself which are going to best for you. Having a base idea ahead of time will save you some time.

Mixx and Digg are similar in use and navigation but Digg has a lot more presently to offer. Submitting links with a short description of your site at Mixx, giving others the opportunity to vote for or against your submitted site creates user charged ratings. News, health, sports, Tech Science, interests, fun, business, and local categories.

Digg is popular because o its ease of use and navigation as well. Digg allows its users to set their home pages to the topic they choose. Gaming, Science, World, business, lifestyle, sports, technology, entertainment, and offbeat topics are choices for your home page.

From the “upcoming” tab at Digg (in Beta), kickstart the recommendation engine and discover more content with suggestions based on your “Digging” activity. The engine then identifies other “Diggers” like you and presents stuff you might like. Just keep “Digging” to get better recommendations.

The thing I personally find brilliant with Digg, is its feature to blog right from the site with a couple of clicks. This is an easy way to get some great releveant content on your blog. This is one of the bigger draws to Digg, along with being one of my personal favorite features.

Making friends at Digg is also a major draw. With Mixx, you get to gain followers and make friends both. Followers are members who enjoy your content and wish to keep tabs on what you find along the way. The listing tab at Digg of your friends activity keeps you in the know about what content your friends like and locate. Diggs kudos system is as easy as Mixx with a “digg” being equal to a vote up at Mixx. The biggest difference here is that you just “undigg” instead of vote down to take away your positive vote.

What can you vote up, down, or digg? Any article, website story, videos, radio shows, photos, and more. Fun, friends, and bookmarking at Mixx and Digg. Diggs other functions include shouts to your friends, the blogging feature is awesome, you have a history area and comments. At Mixx, they offer a kitchen of sorts with mixing tools that include a toolbar button, a blender application program interface, an engine room, and cooks corner.

Technorati Wavecritter

Technorati Wavecritter

Technorati is really a social network bookmarking site with a whole lot more included in the package. List your blog sites at Technorati and get your authority rating. The biggest draw that I see with Technorati is really the tab in the upper right hand corner called “Blogger Central”. Find out what’s percolating in blogs today, the top tags or keywords, the rising links of the day, top blogs, and top favorited blogs by members at Technorati. From Blogger central you can access the Technorati tools, plug ins, widgets, and applications. The top most one hundred blogs run from an authority given by Technorati of 27,000 to 2,500, this is an attainable goal when focused. The widgets at Technorati to place on your blog or site are a top searches widget, top tags widget, and link count widget, which displays the number of links to your site, in real time, updated live for all your site visitors. With the Technorati widgets chart, enter any term to see how many blogs have used that term in the past week to the past year.

These social bookmarking sites listed are only three of many, but a few of the user friendlys available. Using a bookmarking site will help gain you extra exposure to your site and with the competition out there, you may well need it.

Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Blogheiress and Wavecritter Google us 😉

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