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Thought we would set out some choices for very cool MySpace Layouts, Graphics, and Comments Pages for you all real quick πŸ™‚ Some of the sites that we know and love πŸ™‚ Listing the pros and some cons.


SparkleTags A great site for MySpace Graphics, Comments, and Layout Choices

Wish A Friend : All Inclusive Great Site! Find a Little of This and a Little of That Here. A Quick Way to Add a Comment πŸ™‚

Pyzam : Very “WoW” Layout choices for Blogger!

All 4 MySpace : Loaded with bright colorful fun graphics and comments!

Top Bun : Very intricate designs, nice!


Free Code Source : Cute!

Dazzle Junction : Great Comment Site!

Satisfaction : Very Nice but a bit “link happy” πŸ™‚

MS Nerds Layouts : Good Content but Little Choice

MySpace is Ugly : Very Cool Girly Graphics (ie. Hello Kitty)

My Hot Comments : Stevies Top 2 Pick

My Girly Space Stevies Top Pick

We have many more MySpace comment, layout, and Graphic sites but these are a few to “mix it up” a bit πŸ™‚

Blogs and Social Networks

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{February 27, 2009}   Genealogy Social Networks

Genealogy is such a time intensive, exciting, historical adventure and it seems to be a very popular quest for families to find their history.


We are listing some of the free to sign up and use Genealogy social networks, blogs, and other sites to help you in your Internet searchings to get your family tree filled up. Many of these sites also have an upgraded version, but always go free first, then if you just can’t live without the upgrades and you are sure this is the site for you, then consider it or jump right in πŸ™‚

Groups at MySpace and Facebook are also a place to network with and locate information or other lost cousins or people who know them. These groups have an abundance of link information as well to assure that you never run out of family “leads” or come to a dead end “)

Facebook has many Genealogy groups but one stood out (over 5,000 members) International Genealogy. With resource links for global searches to genetic research, making contacts, getting started (for the very new even :), Military and Religious records, Census information and much more. A definite useful resource for Family Histories. A tutorial group for beginners is listed here as well.

The group that stood out over at MySpace was called Genealogy. This group has a healthy forum for surnames and a list of good genealogy site links.

How about some great existing blog sites on Genealogy? We found Cyndis List of Genealogy Sites on the Net πŸ™‚ Cyndi has a major list of relevant sites to help you on your way through your families genealogy.

Where to go to find a great “Create My Family Tree” sort of site online? I began my journey at which is a free family tree maker site and is “medium” for me in the “happy navigation” meter but could rate higher for you as everyones “happy” is very different where navigating sites are concerned πŸ™‚

For example, I prefer Wetpaint sites over Ning (as a creator of these sorts of sites) but others prefer Ning over Wetpaint πŸ™‚ as far as navigating the construction and even navigating as a visitor. Speaking of the Wetpaint and Ning sites, we found a few very good examples of Genealogy networks that you could either join or for an example to start your own πŸ™‚

At Ning: GenMates


Dead Fred Genealogy Photo Archive

At Wetpaint:

This is our family site (we just began construction, so a work in progress πŸ™‚

Wisconsin State Genealogical Society Inc

The Bookworm Choctaw County Public Library

Keywords can be very important when creating a “public” site. You will open a highway for Genealogy historians like yourself to actually find You! instead of always being the one on the lookout, people will be able to seek you out given the right set of keywords for your sites. Choose a base 5 keywords first that you will always use on most every post, article, or photo. Use your Last Name, Full Name, the words Genealogy, Family Tree, and your region ie: Germany, USA, Virginia, Bolster County. Possible less work for you searching alone can turn into others seeking an finding you πŸ™‚

Visit to search for more Genealogy sites. When I used this, I did not get any sites, but when I switched to searching for posts by clicking the post button, I found quite a few on the last name Haile πŸ™‚ isΒ  The Cemetery Blog a Free Online Library of burial records from thousands of cemeteries across the World for historical and Genealogy research, thanks to Steve Johnson and Maggie Rail. We have the Worlds cemeteries at our fingertips here.

Many more sites for Genealogy enthusiasts coming in our next post right here at πŸ™‚

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I found a few recent studies in my travels around the net on statistics for Bloggers πŸ™‚ Of course, not all the same types of people blog but statistically bloggers are largely male πŸ™‚ and it seems that more than half have an income of over $75,000 annually. 42% of bloggers today have attended graduate school πŸ™‚


More than half of bloggers out there now are currently on their (at least) second blog site, blog, or platform.Β  (I am as well), but more than half have been blogging for two or more years too (like me ).

I find these statistics interesting but they will soon change as the blogging explosion has arrived and is growing in numbers by the minute.

One of the largest categories of Blog Types is really the Topic Type blog. I think mainly because this subject encompasses such a large arena. Bloggers who are into History could Topic Blog about Historians, Americans, Europe, The Romans, Greeks, or Isreals History. I have compiled a list of sorts of ideas for Blog Titles and Topic Types:

“The Inner Workings of Techno”

Tables and Chairs”

The Science of Sociology” (Astronomy, Physics, etc.)

“Egypt and It’s Tombs”

“How Does It Work?”

“Things That Are Round”

“Writing Utensils”

“Types of Blogs”

“Felines and Their Ways”


“Berries” Check Out for one on this πŸ™‚

“The Blues”

Write your passion. Write what you love, find interesting, or for that matter what you want to learn more about πŸ™‚ This could be a topic blog on your adventures into learning something that you would like to know. This is how blogging started for me. I needed more information on a certain topic and wanted a “holding area” to keep everything I learned as it is often difficult to find “saved” bookmarks in your own files if they are a bit crowded LOL πŸ™‚ Wetpaint Wikis are an awesome holding type topic blog site as is WordPress here.

Enjoy your blogging πŸ™‚

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{February 22, 2009}   Blogs – Types of Blogs

Having made step by step videos on How To navigate and use different blog platforms and How To use the blogging areas on some of the big social networks like MySpace, Facebook, and My Yearbook,Β  but then … what do you write about?


Types of Blogs You Can Create πŸ™‚

Topic Blogs – Actually this site is a “Topic” blog, so is, but these two are also a How To blog as well. Any broad, general, global, town related subject whether it’s a “World” blog or just a State, your topic can be Animals in the World (broad topic) or Primates in the Jungle (a bit more narrow) or Chimps in the NY Zoo (very specific πŸ™‚ Americans is a great topic as well, Ben Franklin for example. You could post about him for a whole month, then next month post on George Washington πŸ™‚

Topic blogs have such a diverse inclusion like Fashion, Travel, Dreams, My Trip, Educational Institutions, Cats, etc. Many choices here. Write what you love πŸ™‚

Salesy Web Site Blogs – Sites that look a Christmas Sale at the Mall with Flashy Banners, Sales Fluff around every corner. These do attract attention to some and may work for you.

Photo Sites – A great Photo style blog can be found at but it is any chosen photo you select to “be” the blog and add a line or few of explanation or interest, location … etc. to your picture πŸ™‚

Journal Blogs – A great example of a journal style blog is or Stevies blog is a journal style, write as you sort of story teller or what’s up with my day or life type blog πŸ™‚

VLogs or Video Blogs – Of course the best place to see a VLog is at a Video Social Network at someones profile page like me πŸ™‚ I have a bunch of friends there that have very different styles of VLogs too which are easy to find at YouTube, like a musician style where they play and take videos of either them on stage or create a story video to go with their songs; “Let’s Talk” sort of videos, How To, Real Life, and more.

Explanation or Definition Blogs – These are quite similar to the How To style blogs but are mostly like a Wikipedia style topic blog that gives a detailed explanation with examples πŸ™‚ They don’t need to be using the Wikipedia platform of course, but this one on Blog is a good example. A really great Explanation blog will have many resource links to other relevant posts or sites.

Review Blogs – These are usually quite helpful blogs in general as you can open up several and see what different views there are out there on any given iten, topic, company, laundry soap lol, or whatever you are looking for opinions on. To write this style blog you will need to have more than an idea of the subject. If you do a review site on restaraunts for example, you would be a person who frequently visits new restaraunts and has a grasp of a great dining out experience with out being hyper critical. Point out the pros and cons so to speak πŸ™‚ If you write a review style blog, you could link to the items that you review for more link backs, information, or to monetize your site if these are your items on Amazon or EBay.

List Blogs – This is a fun way to blog. 7 ways to bake a cake, 11 types of tennis shoes, 8 reasons why you should exercise, 100 favorite songs of the year, the top 5 social networks, etc. With a list style blog, you can start a post with the original list, then take each (#1, #2, etc.) and make an in depth post on each number, it will get you a whole series of posts and help you with your posts πŸ™‚

Group, Team, or Company Style Blogs – A site for any specific organization, group or team. This type of blog is geared toward your members of the company, pack, sports organization, guild, or party to get information out to them. A communication type blog just for a specific sector of people.

Most blogs fall into one or more (or a subset) of these categories, but as categories go, they could be sub divided into many, many more smaller or specific types like with the Topic Blog especially πŸ™‚

Lokking at the list of blog types that WordPress has will help you as well. This list will keep you clear of the No-No Types of Blogs to create πŸ™‚

Have fun with your blog and write what you are passionate about or you may not be blogging long out of boredom πŸ™‚

Checking into MyBlogLog and Zimbio will get you some additonal blog attention!

Listen into Blogs and Social Networks for more πŸ™‚

Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Blogheiress and Wavecritter

Tonight’s show will be all about Genealogy. Where to go to look for families, groups on several social networks, sites to create your own family tree and more. Visit Blogs and Social Networks Blog Talk Radio Genealogy Social Networks for more.

Free Charts at Genealogy

I thought that the definition of Genealogy (I looked it up on would be appropriate here πŸ™‚


–noun, plural -gies.


a record or account of the ancestry and descent of a person, family, group, etc.


the study of family ancestries and histories.


descent from an original form or progenitor; lineage; ancestry.


Biology. a group of individuals or species having a common ancestry: The various species of Darwin’s finches form a closely knit genealogy.


1250–1300; ME genealogie < MF < LL geneālogia < Gk geneālogΓ­agene race (see gene ) + -logia -logy

pedigree, equiv. to

This is a good place to start πŸ™‚

Then we ventured over to some major social networks like Facebook and MySpace to see how many groups they had over there specific to certain families and groups:

Our friend Kathy Paquette had recently joined a group for the “Paquettes” which I thought was a brilliant idea. If you have family that you are searching for, look into joining an existing group at a major social network or start your own group. Here are a few groups for the Paquettes we found at Facebook:

I searched for a Haile group as well πŸ™‚ No luck there, maybe I will start one in the future (If anyone starts one, let me know:)

Onto Genealogy topic groups at Facebook:

There are over 5,000 members in this group. Other groups have been started at Facebook as well for Genealogy but this seems to be the biggest one. They offer connectivity for individuals excited about finding their family histories. Included resource links for across the Globe, Census, Military, and more.

To find a whole bunch of cool free clip art just for Genealogy sites visit I don’t have the family tree info up and complete yet πŸ™‚ but I do have a huge list of the easiets to get to and navigate Genealogy clip art sites and coolness out there πŸ™‚

The My Heritage Family Tree Builder (free download πŸ™‚ is a cool tool for getting your layout going and tree constructed! The My Heritage site has a whole bunch of great Genealogy info as well πŸ™‚

A Genealogy group at MySpace (has almost 5,000 members πŸ™‚ where you can search for people by surname, post an alert bulletin to get some information and find some great sites linked here πŸ™‚

Here’s the link to search Google for Genealogy based Blog sites πŸ™‚

More on the show tonight πŸ™‚

Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Blogheiress and Wavecritter Google Us πŸ™‚

We often hear the word “focus” in the same context as blogging instruction but what does it really mean and who does it really mean it for?

Focus in the blogging platform or social networking world refers to shooting toward reaching your “target” audience. Who would you like to visit your social networks and read your blog sites? What demographic? Now, why would the blogs and social networks person care who came to visit? Marketing to be precise.

If a blogger is marketing a particular product, they would then care very much who came to see their sites. For example) If your product was a health and wellness sort of “Vitamin” product, then a “Get Healthy or “Stay Healthy” sort of blog would hit the nail on the head to some degree. What if the product is “Vitamin D”? Then focus would get you to a site much more focused on bone health instead of overall health.

Who else would want to focus their sites? If you aren’t marketing a product but would like to gain a high rating with Google, become an expert, or just have a very popular site full of specific information, then focus is for you πŸ™‚

Do Stevie and Stephanie at Blogs and Social Networks focus? I can’t say that we do actually πŸ™‚ Encompassing the entire subject of Blogs and Social Networks (and not that we even come close to hitting every site) is not really a very focused, specific topic. To hold true to many blogging platforms, we have many blogs specifically geared towards Blogs and Social Networks and are members of multiple social networks. It is rather a broad subject area but holds a great example of what it means to go smaller from it and more focused.

Blogs and Social Networks …

Social Networks That Have Blog Capability …

MySpace and Facebook …

Or You could go from Blogs and Social Networks …

to Blogs about Social Networks …

then onto blogs about MySpace and Facebook …

or to be less focused, blogs about the major social networks.

Recall why we focus again, to appeal to a group who will more likely be interested in our topics, information, and offers.

Sometimes focus is not important. A very wide spectrum blog works quite well and attracts visitors. The blog remains on a subject, but a very wide subject much like Blogs and Social Networks or Video Games and Gaming. Again, with Video Games and Gaming, this can become much more focused a topic …

Video Games and Gaming …

Console Games …

Wii Games …

Wii Fit Games …

Or you can choose to create sub sections (or pages) of your blog (or create a wiki at wetpaint) to house focused topics like this but name your blog a wider topic name.

Once the understanding of why a blogger is told to focus comes into … well … errr … “focus” … then it becomes clear whether or not you actually should decide to look into it all or not. Are you trying to reach a “target” audience? or do you just want to be sure that your writings are helping whoever searches that info out?

With searches, keywords really take the drivers seat here. How do visitors actually find what you have? Think about your tags, labels and keywords (all one in the same, with just a different name at different blog site platforms) What will those ask who wish to find your answers? How you label and categorize your posts matters greatly to the seeker of your posts. If you have a post on How To Make Ice Cream, then your top keywords probably should be: Ice Cream, Ice Cream How To, How To Make Ice Cream, Frozen Desserts, and Dessert Recipes. Then add your name or alias (Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter) (author title) as another keyword, you could use the blog platform as another if you wished (ie: WordPress, Blog Talk Radio, Blogger) and then peruse through your post for a few select keyword phrases running together in the text and standing out. Use these as well (In this post it would be “Blogging instruction” blogging Platform” or Social Networking”). There you go, you just greatly assisted your visitors in arriving at your information πŸ™‚

However much you really wish to focus on your blogs and social networks in this manner is entirely up to you … do remember that every person is unique, every blog is unique, and every social network is unique and that each has it’s own attractions for a reason … they are all different πŸ™‚ Cookie cutter is not generally the way to go to become different, although you could begin with the design and “color” or “decorate” it however you like πŸ™‚

With a very focused blog site, focused right from the creation date on , you will need to think about where to actually get the word out or “effectively market” this site. Groups (first and foremost) in the social networking communities are the number one best places to market an on topic blog. Probably placing a link on a Gardening blog in a group on fishing is not going to be your first choice group πŸ™‚ But, possible the people at the fishing group are also interested in gardening as well and it may do some good πŸ™‚ Seek out the gardening groups to introduce your gardening blog to first though πŸ™‚

Your keywords will be the “behind the scenes” marking engine for you while you manually market your site to and through other Blogs and Social Networks sites. Getting backlinks is quite easy. Log into your blog platform (ie: WordPress, Blogspot, Vox, Livejournal …) then browse through other blog sites on the same platform, either on your topic or on another, comment on their posts as you view some sites. Each comment you leave (while logged in) will send a link back to your site via the “icon” or username info left on the comment πŸ™‚ Nope, you don’t really need to “rely” on friends to actually list you on their blogroll.

Use your blog URL as part of every bio, info, or profile area on all of your social networks and think about securing a clever domain name for your blog site πŸ™‚ I chose , .com , , .org , and .net for our main blog platforms (Wetpaint, WordPress, Blog Talk Radio, and Blogspot). One is fine, there is no need to get all (info, com, net, etc) this way when you redirect the domain to your blog URL, it is now a much easier name to remember. is easier (I hope lol) than for instance.

These are some good tips, we will be writing some more soon. Stay tuned for Blogs And Social Networks

Keeping Up with your Facebook and MySpace Applications

Blogs and Social Networks

Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Blogheiress and Wavecritter Google Us πŸ™‚


Music related blogs and social networks are not hard to find, but to locate tips on marketing for the independent artist, solo musician, or advice to create an unforgettable band profile takes more research. Musicians wanting to market themselves using the Internet with blogs and social networks only need to follow some timely suggestion accompanied by a routine. This advice will be for the “newer” artist or band, but if you need more exposure for your music group, then these steps are for you as well.

First and foremost … this will take some dedication, patience,Β  time, and consistent work … yes, I said the “W” wordΒ  but, if the time you spend is spent wisely, you will see results much faster. To reach the “masses” and gain exposure you will need to first focus on getting your name ranked on the search engines.

Sit and decide (if you aren’t 100% on what image and style you want to portray) what flare and style you want to relate to your band. Without a bit of your own color “popping out” you will possibly get “washed out” on the Internet. With the amount of competition you have on the net, you will need to become the image you present to your fans and set the image to encompass exactly what your band breathes out creatively.

Choose first your color scheme and a logo. If someone you know or a member of the band is inventive, maybe they would design a basic logo for you that you could then build off of later or add to to evolve a signature for your sound. Take this logo and include it in banners, graphics, and buttons of several sizes to place on blog sites, social networks, and other web pages.

Now that you have your image, color scheme, and logo, you will need to choose one major photo and up to two others to represent your group. Include the major photo into a few of your banners or graphics.

Purchase the domain names ( to match the band name and look into securing the trademark (USPTO.Gov/main/trademarks.htm) for your band name. Purchase the dot com, dot info, and dot net domain names for certain and possibly some others. These will be forwarded to your blog site, a social network that houses you music clips, some personal band information, and your events. List All of your events, even if they seem small or insignificant to you like a friends birthday party. These can be called “private” events, “invitation only”, and meant to seem exclusive.

You major blog site should also be podcasting enabled like Blog Talk Radio or Podbean or choose Vox, Blogspot, or a WordPress blog. All of these sites are able to house podcasting widgets from Utterli, Blog Talk Radio, or any HTML based blog widget to house your sound so visitors to your blog can listen in. Setting up an additional “all in one” blog style site at FreeWebs may become more time consuming than you had anticipated, but this is a wise choice if you have a few members of your band that pitch in and help.

These sites will become your blogging base. Giving similar information on each site but adding a personal snippet of information new to each site will help keep them individual and fresh. Try including a different tune at each separate site with links back to each from all sites.

Depending on your marketing resources and budget, you can do this totally free but with more time spent or fifty percent free with a little less time invested. Fast tracking a blog platform through a paid site like Host Gator using a WordPress blog will allow a bit more leverage with advertising. Using a free to create blog platform, you will need to temper your “personal advertising” greatly. Keeping the self serving links down to a minimum until you your blog site becomes established in the ratings.

Choosing the social networks to promote your music is next on the list in your market me adventure. MySpace is the music social network that you should start with, being certain to set your MySpace URL and display name to your band name, the same as your domain names that you purchased. This will get that search term set in stone. Choosing four more search terms to add to this one will be your next step and use them all in your blog posts, social networks text, and other site information. Be sure to ask yourself what music lovers will ask when searching for your style of music, this will help you discover your major keywords.

The key to massive exposure is not taking a handful of salt and flinging it over a great area, but to take that salt and spread it liberally over a few key areas with concentrated flavor, focus, and consistency. Working your sites with concentration like a pattern will attract excited passionate fans who then spread the word for you.

Is eight to ten sites really concentrated? It may sound to you like the half the Internet and an extreme amount of time, but with your two to three blog style sites and your four to five social networks, all linked together, with similar but separate information on them, all using the same major keywords and added different minor ones, your exposure will grow exponentially.

There are those who begin a social network of their own for the band at sites like Wetpaint or Ning. This is very time consuming and unless you have a specific band member to take this lone task on, wait on this idea and opt for starting a group at MySpace and one at Facebook for your band. No, Facebook does not allow for a “band” profile, but you can have a personal Facebook page and start a “My Band” group to promote your band at Facebook. With the excitement and growth over at this social network, you would be missing the boat without a group here. Even starting a group at one of the Ning social networks that is music oriented is a great idea.

Connect your Twitter to Facebook and MyBlogLog to all of your blogs and social networks keeping your reach connected for a triple dose to Google and other search engines.

Staying consistent with your time spent and your keyword usage is as easy as figuring out a budget. Decide how much time you have to work on the Internet, then divide your time equally between each of your sites. Choose your music social networks by doing a quick Google search or take a look at a few of these: IndabaMusic; Last FM; iLike; JamNow; FlowTones; MusoCity; PureVolume; HumbleVoice; imeem; and R4Media.

Connect yourself with all of your sites by linking back on individual posts, bulletins, and link lists, stay consistent with your activity, make as many contacts and friends as you can, and enjoy your success.

Listen Into Blogs and Social Networks Music Sites For Band for more πŸ™‚

Blogs and Social Networks

Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Blogheiress and Wavecritter Google Us πŸ™‚

Whooo …. the numerous choices out there in the application and widget world! This is great for those who can choose a manageable number of the coolest ones that suit them πŸ™‚ And then …. there are those (ummm like me πŸ™‚ that just “Need” to have that one more MySpace and Facebook widget Application because my friends get excited about them or I find them clever beyond belief πŸ™‚ I thought I would let you in on some of the widgets that just too clever, some of the applications that are very non time consuming, some that take a bit of time, and then those that are just so cool that you don’t really care that they glue you to the computer every day to make sure your Application is up to date πŸ™‚


Let’s start with the easiest, less time consumers of the MySpace and Facebook Application and Widget World:

Once installed and set up, Superlatives, SuperPoke, Stickers, Hug Me, Hatching Eggs, Growing Plants, SuperWall, Movies, SuperHug, TagMe, and Optical Illusion of the Day are a short list of the easiest, quickest to use widgets and applications.


Superlatives, SuperPoke, Hugs, and TagMe are quick little graphics to say “hi”, “throw a cake at” , “wish a happy birthday to”, or just about anything you could think of as a witty fast way to give a shout to your friends :)Some of these can be found at both MySpace and Facebook (even at MyYearbook) and some at one or the other.


The SuperWall and Stickers are ways to post funny quips, quotes, and sayings that your friends can share and then post to their own “Cork Boards” (the holding and display area for the stickers) or on their own Walls as a video, photo, or other blog type post. These can be found at both MySpace, MyYearbook, and Facebook.

The Growing Plants and Hatching Eggs Application is one of the most clever “not much time needed” applications I have found yet. Once the intial set up is complete, the maintenance is very minimal and it only takes a minute to send creative growing or hatching hiyas out to all of your friends at Facebook.

The applications at Facebook take much less time to “send out” to all of your Facebook friends verses sending out the same or similar “hiyas” to your MySpace friends becasue of the individually sent to each friend captcha deal over at MySpace. At MyYearbook, the high fives, gifts, and stars take very little time to dole out as well.

The “Lunch Money Owned” application widget coolie started at MyYearBook actually πŸ™‚ The applications at Facebook have been going strong for some time and MySpace just recently incorporated these fun little addition widgets into their set up. With the Owned Application, you purchase with “Lunch Money” your friends photos gaining popularity and expense as you buy and sell. Every time you log in you also gain extra lunch money that you can use to send “presents” to your friends as well. I would place this one in the mid range for time consumption as you will want to keep up with who has purchased your friends out from under you πŸ™‚



Some other choice mid range time users in the Facebook Applications, MySpace and MyYearBook widgets include: The Little Blue Cove, Dog World, SuperPoke Pets, and Lil Green Patch could fall into the “very time consuming” range but only if you are extremely diligent in these πŸ™‚ You can certainly have a great time with these applications and keep them in the mid time taker range πŸ™‚ The premise of these fun little widgets is you get a pet, garden, or fish tank of sorts with virtual critters, flora, and aquatic swimmers πŸ™‚ You take care of your set up and your friends as you visit around to see what they have created with these individual applications πŸ™‚


Ok, onto the “Big Dog” time suckers but are too fun to stop playing (yes, these Facebook Applications MySpace Widgets and MyYearbook deals can become addiciting lol πŸ™‚ include, but are not limited to: MyFarm, Mob Wars, Pirates: Rule the Caribbean, Vampire Wars, Networked Blogs (but only in the set up, once you have your blogs listed … this app gets off and running almost on its own), Sorority Life (Stevies Fav!) Ohhhh … Hook up with us on this one at MySpace :)…hehehe πŸ™‚ Stevie is my Top Friend, easy to find that way πŸ™‚ ….

Just keep in mind, the more Applictaions you add, the more time they tend to take πŸ™‚ So, choose wisely and well and be sure to have fun with the choices you make … ohhhhhh and add us if its a “Party” application πŸ™‚ Talk soon and CU at MySpace, Facebook, and MyYearbook!!!

Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Blogheiress and Wavecritter Google Us πŸ™‚ or Listen into to join in our Online Radio Show πŸ™‚


With the ever changing Internet morphing and transforming in the blink of an eye, the sights, sounds and flavors online of the specific social networks won’t be left out of the wave. MySpace and Facebook have certainly included themselves in the update arena of blogs and social networks.


To compare and contrast the two largest social networks, all the while keeping up to date with the newest updates and features is an exciting roller coaster of events. While MySpace and Facebook are not the only two social networking sites on the block, they hold the top spots in this category.

In the personal interface area at MySpace, not the profile layout for your visitors to view, but the “for your eyes only” section, you can now customize the layout or background to a healthy selection of colors and styles. The individual modules can also be relocated and moved around to suit your ease of viewing them any way you would like or just close the ones you do not need altogether.

MySpace has a good selection of the new CSS 2.0 layouts as well for your visitors eyes on your profile page. The staggering amount of CSS 2.0 layout choices at the numerous MySpace layout sites will certainly allow the flare and personality of individuals everywhere to express their profile page and astound their guests. The new CSS 2.0 change is extremely easy to learn, so the switch over will be no problem. The tutorials furnished will assist with any troubles you may encounter.

Facebook has some updates as well in their personal interface area. Facebook has a cleaner feel and it is easier to see your friends news feeds, status updates, photos, and posted items all designed and navigated by the new tab system. Facebook has a shout out “Twitter Style” capability that MySpace does not yet have as you are able to comment on your friends shout outs as they make them. A shout out is just a little blurb of how you feel or what your are doing at that given time or moment, like “Going to the Store”, “BBL” (be back later), “Major Headache”, or “At Work, Saying Hi”. While MySpace has a mini shout out with no comment feature, they do have an emoticon “Mood” feature that is not incorporated into the Facebook shout out. Facebooks emoticon “Mood” feature is offered as an application widget through the “Top Friends” application and others.

Facebook has prided itself on it’s privacy features since it’s inception and it actually “feels” more private when you are venturing around the profiles, groups, and featured pages. There has been much media on the virus filled applications in the mid part of 2008, but with the onset of 2009, people are still flocking in droves over to blog social network Facebook.

MySpace is geared towards senses stimulation with it’s color oriented layouts, music with it’s many band sites, and video broadcastings. You hear MySpace and read Facebook it seems. I believe that is a big draw to both sites. The “fluff” at MySpace being the deco, diapason, dress, and design and at Facebook, the big calling is association, art, academia, and applications.

The chat features at each social network are quite different. MySpace has their IM extraordinaire but the Facebook chat is a great deal less appealing because first you need to be on and logged into the social network in order to actually use their chat feature. Whereas the MySpace IM (instant messenger) is a separate system. There is no need to be logged into the social network at all to chat and the mobile IM is quite handy.

The customization of interface levels makes Facebook seem more private, but both social networks have a great deal of privacy or not very much at all depending on your personal settings. Individual privacy settings for personal information and for each application you choose to allow at each social network. While Facebook was the first to have outside applications available on their profile areas, MySpace has stepped up to bat on the application game and introduced a huge selection.

The thought of “Poking” your friends seems so ’06 anymore compared to the Pirates, GreenSpot, MyFarm, or SuperPoke applications users are crowding to add to their own profile pages today.

For MySpace users who have switched over to the new CSS 2.0 layouts, to add your applications to your profile area and show them off on your visitors page just click the “Profile” drop down to the “Customize Profile” link, then click the “Applications” button on the left, and highlight to add which applications you would like to show for your viewers.

While both blog social networks, and I call them blog networks because each has a prominent blogging community, have pronounced and visual updates, the attractions to both social networks are numerous and wide spread. Whether you choose to become a MySpacer, Facebooker, or both is ultimately your decision. Enjoy the ride.

Listen Into Our Blogs and Social Networks Show on MySpace and Facebook Updates and Differences

Stephanie and Stevie Haile aka Wavecritter and Blogheiress Google Us πŸ™‚

We discussed many of the top Social Bookmark Sites on our Blogs and Social Networks Show Social Bookmarking Sites but here are some details about a scattered few of these Social Bookmark Sites πŸ™‚

bloglineswave tracks your favorite news, blogs, weather, and classifieds so you don’t have to πŸ™‚ Beta Bloglines: Read Save Share, All In One Place! And get your favorite web sites and blog articles delivered to you. Available anywhere PC, Mac, Cell Phones, and IPhones. Check out the Bloglines top 1000 which is your guide to the most popular feeds. The Beta Bloglines is cool because you can drag whichever feeds you want on “My Start Page” , whatever you choose to be prominent. Like Google Reader, Bloglines is more for you. But also similar is that Google Readers feed lists can also be shared and viewed by others simply by clicking the share button and/or using their cool Reader Widget that you can place on your personal blogs and sites (which also adds to the fresh content on your blog πŸ˜‰ and Bloglines sharing factor is a link like this one for others to see your personal Bloglines info:

wavecritter-newsvine is a different sort of Social Bookmark Site. Newsvine really focuses on Headline, interesting “right now” news and articles. Find something great to post to Newsvine via their free to use toolbar button. Like StumbleUpon, these sites concentrate more on individual posts, news and articles, not necessarily ones you wrote πŸ™‚ Only found to include here in the mixx of Newsvine. So while you surf about and find the newest, most interesting articles, posts, and news stories, you can post them to your Newsvine page. If you are the first to post a particular story, you get to write a small description and get featured as the first to find this story πŸ™‚ Both Newsvine and Stumble Upon are similar in this.

Digg usually houses an online on the site button to Digg a story rather than having a toolbar button.

At Newsvine, Stumble Upon, and DiggΒ  friending is allowed, rather required at Digg though. Without friends at Digg who then Digg what you input into Digg, you are kind of left without many Digging your stuff πŸ™‚ So keep that in mind.

Now, don’t forget if you are ever having trouble posting content to your blogs, whether they be a journal, a blog on a social network, or a seperate blog site like Live Journal, Blogger, WordPress, Podbean, or Vox, Why not make a post about your chosen social bookmarking sites? Why you use them and what they have to offer.


More Social Bookmarking sites to come πŸ™‚

Blogs and Social Networks

Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Blogheiress and Wavecritter Google Us πŸ™‚

Blogs and Social Networks looks at a Social Bookmarking Site, Magnolia. At the free to use social bookmark site, you can search different topics of sites like Art and Photography.

Ma.gnolia has a featured linker, recent bookmarks, hot groups, and a hot bookmarks tab. Complete with a help page and discover section which allows you to see everyones bookmarks, tags, roots, applications, groups, discussions, newsletters, featured linkers, and also find people.

On the roots page, there is a video to show you how to use this area. It is located right next to the “How to Begin” andΒ  has a little blue link called “Roots Screen”.

On the find people page, you can locate your favorite linkers by name, screen name, or email address.

The Chat page has a support index, tutorial, chat, blog, contact us, developer, center, and a wiki! Which I find quite cool πŸ™‚

Join by signing in with your Open ID, Yahoo, Facebook, Click Pass, WordPress, AOL, Live Journal, or Type Pad accounts. Just choose one of these, choose a screen name, enter your email address and click πŸ™‚

Even hook your Magnolia site straight to Technorati!

Blogs and Social Networks Bookmarks πŸ™‚

Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Blogheiress and Wavecritter Google Us πŸ™‚


At Yahoo Buzz, one of Yahoo’s Social Bookmarking Sites, stories are ranked by your votes, comments, emails, and searches. You can even see what your friends are “Buzzing” about on the new Yahoo Messenger!

With these updates you can keep up with what your friends and family are “Buzzing”. It shows you the “Top Buzz and the “Up and Coming” as well as the “Just Added”. It also allows you to see the “Top Searches”.

The “Buzz Log” which is what’s hot on Yahoo and why you can submit your own stories. The more stories you submit, the more chances for you to acquire a higher rating and get noticed.

A handy FAQs page loaded with questions and answers for you to find help with navigating the site.

You get a “Buzz Activity” summary with thumbs up and thumbs down voting and a comments area.

Fill up your “My Connections Updates” by voting, sending, and sharing stories on Yahoo Buzz.

Your Yahoo email information gets you a straight connection to this social bookmarking site, so there is not a lengthy sign up. All you need is a Yahoo email address and you are connected.

Some of the latest top stories here at Yahoo Buzz are about Donald Trump, Shelters, Jennifer Hudson, Veterans Day, and Presidential Pooch Watch.


MyBlogLog is another of Yahoo’s Social Bookmark sites. Here you list your sites ( blogs and social networks or web sites ) and other members of MyBlogLog then join your created site group! Submitting any site allows the opportunity for any other member of MyBlogLog to then join the newly formed group that is your site! My Bloglog feed your newest interactions with each of your listed sites to your My Blog Log profile page. The newest inputs like what’s new on Twitter (your shout outs), what new posts you made on all of your blog sites you have listed, or newest photos from the photo sharing sites you have listed on MyBlogLog like PhotoBucket or Flickr.

MyBlogLog has an extensive list to submit your social networks as a feed that also records your newest happenings there.

In my opinion, if MyBlogLog is not currently on your list of social bookmarking sites that you use (weekly is best here), you are certainly missing out.

Listen into our Blogs and Social Networks Online Radio Show on Social Bookmark Sites

Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Blogheiress and Wavecritter Google Us πŸ™‚


Tonights Blogs and Social Networks show is about Christmas Blogs That Shine πŸ™‚

Here is the list of Blog sites we are talking about and some of what you can find on each:

MyInkBlog: 10 Fantastic Christmas Inspired Tutorials

ChristmasSprite : Christmas History, Traditions, Wallpaper, more. : How to Say Merry Christmas in many Languages, Christmas Prayers, much more. The Christmas Story and Prayers Periodic Updates from the North Pole

ChristmasYuleBlog: Christmas Music and More

EMail Santa Childrens Hotlines: Teen and Kids Help Lines listed from across the Globe.

EMail Santa, Santa Claus Christmas Blog: Up to the minute news about what Santa is up to πŸ™‚ Blog about Christmas Wreaths and Other Christmas traditions.

Christmas Blog: Lights and Diplay Webcam link Take Your blog to the Next Level

WidgetBox HappyChristmas Widget Printable Santas Elf Card, Coloring Pages, History of the Christmas Tree and much more.

Spanish Teaching Spanish Christmas: Welcome to our blog for teachers and students of Spanish. Spanish Christmas Calendar

2 Awesome Blog Social Networks for Christmas posts, videos, fun, friends, tips, recipes, and much more.

Listen into Blogs and Social Networks Christmas Blogs That Shine for more πŸ™‚

Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Blogheiress and Wavecritter Google us πŸ˜‰

Tonight’s show was great and we covered the best for Christmas graphics, layouts, and comments that we found on the net! Listen in for many tips on what sites house which type or theme of Christmas graphic, layout, comments, and all the extras like countdowns, dividers, fluff and bling.



My favorite of the sites we covered tonight is With the animated graphics, Christmas MySpace animations, Christmas banners, mini banners, funny pics, icon collages, MySpace icons, posters, non animated graphics, dividers, glitter graphics, dolls, falling snowflakes (neato!, WordPress is using this here on the log in news page :), and Christmas music.

At My Girly Space, there are codes 1.0 layouts and also for the 2.0 CSS layouts. Great selection, easy to navigate site πŸ™‚ is all about Christmas from backgrounds, banners, clipart, countdowns, games, and even coloring pages. Great Christian and Santa based themes here. has the coolest of snowglobes for your sites sponsored by Glade! has funny videos and pics also online now. with contact tables, about Christmas, cursors, ecards, humor, recipes, and stories. with animated gifs, icons, games, comments, screen captures, and wallpaper for MySpace, Friendster, and Hi5. also an awesome site for Christmas graphics, layouts, and comments. (find out more about these sites on our show) has new layouts as well for the 2.0 MySpace with 36 plus pages of Christmas MySpace, Friendster, and Hi5 layouts. has some awesome Betty Boop classic graphics and 12 plus pages of Christmas Graphics in English, Potuguese, and Spanish all with a switch up click of the mouse from one language to another. for some added Sparkle and bling to “Glow” out your site!

Sparkle Tags

Sparkle Tags with over 46 pages of comment graphics you can actually vote on! R U looking for Christmas Betty Boop? Look no further than My Hot Comments. They are ready for MySpace 2.0 as well. selection of snowglobes and Christmas graphics is fairly large but the interaction with (the easy tool for posting on MySpace, Friendster, Bebo, Orkut, Facebook, Tagged, Blogger, Hi5, Live Spaces, Piczo, FreeWebs, Live journal, Black Planet, My Yearbook, WordPress, Vox, Typepad, Xanga, Page Flakes, Muliply, iGoogle, Net Vibes, and MiGente) is a huge draw to this site. Now, Wavecritter (my Mom), tried the embed code directly to a post at Blogger, no good there, so I would post using the Gigya system, but how easy is that? πŸ™‚

Find out more about by visiting the site and click on the “About” tab at the top. A great read to find out the “meat” of this site! How it works and what’s going on at Gigya. “Giving people the power to socialize and share across the web.”

My Moms very favorite siteΒ  is with 47 pages of christmas MySpace Layouts! Which is where she got hers for, her writer site at MySpace (we all know she will not readily convert or change that sites layout “Remains in the Rain” at Wavecritters MySpace πŸ™‚ If you haven’t yet seen this creation, go by and visit.

Wish A Friend has ready to go preview layouts here for either 1.0 or 2.0 MySpace Christmas layouts. Wish A Friend is set up with the browser/user in mind, they keep the site clean, easy to navigate with awesome on site search area also. Be sure to add Wish a friend to your friends list over at MySpace, Friendster, Tagged, and Hi5. Easy to do directly from the Wish A friend main site. Great choices and you can’t go wrong at Wish A Friend. If you’re looking for extras like countdowns, Quotes, and surveys, they have these too as well as a click away to Portuguese and Spanish.

Visit our site over at Blog Talk Radio Blogs and Social networks for more πŸ™‚

And give a look at the 4 of the coolest of Ning social networks ever! for the environmentally concious “Go Green” Earth lovers like me and my Mom, where there is always excitement, great people, and cool happenings, go and say “Hiya” to Santa Claus and his crew and check out Wavecritters profile there, visit for some outstanding Christmas socialization year round πŸ™‚

Stevie Haile aka Blogheiress aka Teen Girls Radio Google Me πŸ™‚

{December 2, 2008}   Blog Nut Toolbar Earth
Blog Nut Toolbar Earth

Blog Nut Toolbar Earth

The Free Download Blog Nut Toolbar is a must for any Blogger, Social Networker, or Internet User today. With fast links to Plaxo, Googles Blogger, WordPress, Linked In, MySpace, bebo, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Blog Talk Radio, Newspapers Around the World, Widget Box, YouTube, MyBlogLog, EyeJot, and much more, the Blog Nut Toolbar saves you precious time typing or fumbling with your already overfull and unorganized favorites folders ( I can’t be the only one lol πŸ™‚ Free advertising for your business is a huge perk with the Blog Nuts. They have a ready made Ning social network to add to the attraction here as well with over 600+ members growing daily. “You create, We build” is the Blog Nuts motto for a good reason, they love the users input, a Nut Wishes area to input your favorite sites (if they aren’t already there πŸ˜‰ , a ticker to post Blog Nuts user advertisements, a radio, Biz Nut, and RSS feeds all located as an option on the toolbar.

Blog Nut Toolbar

Blog Nut Toolbar

Links to “Make a Video”, add stations to the radio player, TV Nut, Weather, the Nut House which is an awesome gaming area, Email notifier, and Privacy component. In the additional settings area, adjust your settings anytime.

Blog Nut Toolbar

Blog Nut Toolbar

The Community Nut Home is an awesome page full of a “running tab” (if you will πŸ˜‰ of Nut News, Chat Features, Search, Keywords, Cool Gadgets and Games, Staying Connected, Getting Organized, and Free Advertising for Your business.


Visit the Blog Nut Community Blogs and social Networks Group, Get your toolbar, and have some fun with the Blog Nuts!

Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Blogheiress and Wavecritter

Blogs and Social Networks Music Sites

Project Playlist and Humble Voice are two outstanding sites. Project Playlist has been around for some time and in my opinion is the leader in widget based, carry your music to your blog or web site, music creator list based sites πŸ™‚

Having a newer version that you can choose at Project Playlist is yet another update of the Internet Blogs and Social Networks World that I find notable. Project Playlist is now easier to navigate and now you can have your blog area to blog away about music or whatever. With 100 songs per playlist and as many separate lists as you want to take to any site via the Project Playlist HTML widgets, this sites portability and choice are hard to beat. Gain buddies, search for music by artist or title, use the pop out features of any playlist when you want to listen in, but not remain glued to the site.

Humble Voice on the other hand is still presently in Beta but watch this site grow by leaps and bounds! This is not only a music based site but an “Artist” site. A well thought out site for the “Arts” not only musicians and listeners but for photographers, videographers, writers, and “Creators” in general πŸ™‚ When creating your initial profile here at Humble Voice, you can choose between a photographer, writer, musician, videographer, artist, or other. Editing your profile is an optional detailed adventure (which I highly prize, this will give viewers a larger view of you and your work) or you can skip things and just tell a bit to keep it brief. Humble Voice has options to send messages, add friends, instant message right from the site (this will save you from having many other messaging systems open and focus more on the site you are on :), forward your profile to friends, bookmark, or block other users for privacy. Choosing photographer, muscian, artist, or writer allows you to add on multiple pages for a bit of a “web site” creation to showcase your imaginations.

Visit to view my site and make friends πŸ™‚

See You There!

Listen Into Blogs and Social Networks Music Sites here on Blog Talk Radio

Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Teen Girls Radio and Blogheiress and Wavecritter πŸ™‚

Tonights Teen Girls Radio show covered the issues of the 2008 Presidential Election. From the housing issues, gas prices, candidates views and opinions of the candidates, callers, chat room participants, and of course, the Teen Girls.

18 year old voters have an opinion and make an impact on the outcome of the vote for the President of the United States.

We mentioned a few sites on our show tonight that you may like to visit. to find out more information on voting, the candidates, procedure and more.

Rock The Vote

Rock The Vote is one of the sights we discussed information from on the differing views of each candidate. Sea_Junky let us in on this site, Thanks!

We also did some research at Project Vote Smart where you can search the candidates by State ballots.

Project Vote Smart

Project Vote Smart

Our MySpace pages were mentioned and our Blogs and Social Networks Blog Talk Radio Show.

Blogs and Social Networks Blog Talk Radio

Blogs and Social Networks Blog Talk Radio

Stevies MySpace

Stevies MySpace

Stevies MySpace

Megans MySpace (set to private just now, get in touch through Blog Talk Radio Teen Girls Radio or She is my first friend on MySpace)

Autumns MySpace

Autumns MySpace Firefly Chicken

Autumns MySpace Firefly Chicken

18retireds MySpace Matt Redman

Matt Redman MySpace

Matt Redman MySpace

18retired is also a Blog Talk Radio Host Visit His Show Here

18 Retired Blog Talk Radio

18 Retired Blog Talk Radio

Check This site of Matts Out!

Matt Redman

Matt Redman

Other awesome chat room participants who came up with some outstanding questions and comments.






Stevie Haile aka Blogheiress aka Teen Girl from Blog Talk Radio

Blogs and Social Networks photo sites like Yahoos Flickr and PiccyFix are quite useful. PiccyFix for adjusting your photos and Flickr for posting them and keeping your photos keyword rich.


Flickr is Yahoos online photo site, there used to be a Yahoo Photo but Flickr has foot the bill and replaced it. Share your photos, Watch the World with Flickr.

To upgrade at Flickr is an annual fee of only $24.95 with unlimited uploads and storage, unlimited sets and collections, stats on your account, video uploads, and ad free browsing. If these are the services you are looking for, Flickr seems to have the answer πŸ™‚

Even if you choose not to upgrade Flickr is a free to use site that lets you have up to three sets of photos. My favorite feature at Flickr is the blogging. Post straight to your blog from Flickr if you are short on time.

Photobucket is also a great photo sharing and holding site and is connected to Meez, an avatar creation site with games and fun. We will cover Photobucket in depth in an up and coming post soon.



PiccyFix is where I go to resize my photos and to change them from GIF, JPEG, PNG, or bmp. Crop, filter, flip, colorize, tweek, border, rotate, resize, or change the format of photos at Add the pic to the line up in the PiccyFix Gallery or host your photo at PiccyFix for free with the addition of keywords as a title or description.

Listen Into Our Blog Talk Radio Blogs and Social Networks Show on Flixster, Tagtele, Flickr, PiccyFix, and Photobucket, the coolest photo sites, movie sites, and video sites.

Stephanie and Stevie Haile aka Wavecritter and Blogheiress Google Us πŸ™‚

Google services are the very coolest available online today and you can get an idea of which one you would like to use all in one nifty page at Squidoo Lens Google services.

Google Me, What Does It Mean?

Understanding the power of the Google search engines and letting them go to work for you, can and will help you understand the keyword placements and usage. Using tools in connection with each other, will enhance each individual tool.

Competing in the Internet market and not having a grasp on the coined phrase of “Google Me”, will hinder your Internet marketing career. The search engines are the highway for other people to locate you. Step back and consider the thoughts people would have and the questions and words they would type into an engine text bar, to get to your website, blog, or online profile.

Does the title of your site reflect the added content? What does your blog comment and inform about? What drew your attention to your own individual business? These are the questions to consider when thinking on what Google Me means. It has a personal twist for everyone and not all people will search the same phrases.” READ MORE

Stephanie and Stevie Haile aka Wavecritter and Blogheiress

Once you get your personal layout profiles to your liking, why would you then wish to change it? When changing a profile layout, sometimes you feel at a loss because you have worked so hard to get your profiles at many Blogs and Social Networks “Just Right”. No need to worry about this at all if you have a notepad or other saver system in your my documents, just copy and paste straight from your “about me” section of your social network directly to a save section in your documents, notepad, word, or other program. Then after the special event, holiday, or new creation for your layout, background, or profile, you can always copy and paste it right back into your “about me” or other section of your profile layout area.

As you build your new layout by adding your choice contact table, cursor, falling objects, graphics, sounds, and more, label the order of each as you go or always choose the same order. Place enter spaces between each item and you will know which is which by counting down the order, if your cursor is always third and your background is always last, you will know which to change if you aren’t happy with the final outcome and overall look of your layout.

Using CSS profile backgrounds and layouts with sites like Friendster and Ning is very different in the “tweaking” of the premade layouts than the regular HTML codes used at sites like MySpace and Blogspot. The sheer number of premade layouts available not only makes this layout process easier by copying and pasting the entire code, you also get a first hand look at the coding. Later on, when you start thinking about learning a bit more to adjust these codes, having viewed them already, will help in your understanding greatly when you go to “tweak” them.

Halloween Ning layouts and Friendster layouts are CSS codes which many profile, background, and layout sites have already set up with premade designs and the wealth of premade layouts for HTML coding profile Blogs and Social Networks will actually make the choosing a difficult process.

Along with the numerous graphics, generators, countdown tables, contact boxes, animations, comments, and more, many sites host the coolest of backgrounds and layout designs for Halloween and other holidays.

Some of the sites I found that sport some great selections of Halloween Layouts for your Social Network profiles include: Wish A Friend with twenty-four pages of choice Halloween design layouts including a variety from very mild, children quality designs to scary graveyards to some gore; Halloween Joys has a site that offers some fairly decent, creepy animated GIFs along with some easy to post Halloween Flash Games and an interesting History and Traditions of Halloween section; Graphics Arcade is a site mostly for a good selection of Halloween Graphics. Their Halloween Layouts are a bit limited in number but they may just have the one you were looking for; Cool Holiday Graphics and Holiday Joys are yet a few more with some interesting Halloween Graphics, Layouts, and Backgrounds.

Firebug for the Firefox browser has an addon to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and Javascript live on any webpage. This may be an answer for you to successfully “tweak” your codings.

Enjoying the Holidays with an attractive, time sensitive, stirring profile layout is just another exciting part of sharing Blogs and Social Networks with the Internet World.

Listen into our show on Halloween Profile Dress Ups at Blogs and Social Networks Online Radio.

Stevie and Stephanie Haile aka Blogheiress and Wavecritter Google Us πŸ˜‰

et cetera