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The advance in technology in the last twenty years has been incredible. From the beginnings of television, advertising has been a focal point and to merge Internet with television has been a focus of this age.

In the ’90’s the technology gurus had tried to first incorporate the Internet into the television and now we have the television on the Internet. All access to your favorite shows from your computer screens instead of the original plan of all Internet access from your television monitor. Web TV and interactive television became quite mainstream in the latter part of the 1990’s and came in a set top box form to connect to your tv. Today, we have the Wii which is Nintendo’s game console that connects to your television much like a Web TV set top box did and allows you to surf the Internet, check your email, and play online games, also much like Web TV. Another company who is holding on to the idea of merging TV and Internet is Yahoo.

Yahoo is working on their own Web TV. A free to use, “widget” based system where web widgets would line the bottom of your television viewing screen giving some interaction to the user. Widgets do not encompass the full spectrum of Internet reach though and will allow users the “section” of Internet activity that each individual widget offers. Having a defined focus for engaging without the use of a type pad, Yahoo’s choice of widgets should be a click away for the information offered in them. Their will be no “browser” selection or web search capability planned for now, but Yahoo may indeed be the breakthough company to the highway from the television to the Internet.

The incredible growth on the Internet taking the flip side view (from Internet PC to television access) is, however, quite massive. Sites have sprung into being on this concept alone and other sites have expanded their “text” and photo format to use this technology to feature and highlight a given topic of the site.

Flixster is a social network created for TV and movie lovers alike. Actually a place from your personal PC to watch, rate, and interact with friends while enjoying the shows and films you love. While sites that feature individual television shows have incorporated video for viewing these featured shows directly from the net. Sites like The History Channel, CBN, CNN, or Discovery and SciFi come to mind here for it’s programming efforts viewable online.

Are we choosing to leave the comforts of the living room, with the big screen and recliners for the desk style settings of an office? My guess would be no from the amount of chatter about having to “tough it out” on the PC to catch up on missed television shows or hearing “I wish I could watch the YouTube videos from my big screen”.  Trading comfort for convenience is the issue at hand in this scenario.

So, whether the future of TV is on the Internet or the future of the Internet is attainable through your TV is yet to be seen. Watching the reels spin will be an interesting event. Action!

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With the ever changing Internet morphing and transforming in the blink of an eye, the sights, sounds and flavors online of the specific social networks won’t be left out of the wave. MySpace and Facebook have certainly included themselves in the update arena of blogs and social networks.


To compare and contrast the two largest social networks, all the while keeping up to date with the newest updates and features is an exciting roller coaster of events. While MySpace and Facebook are not the only two social networking sites on the block, they hold the top spots in this category.

In the personal interface area at MySpace, not the profile layout for your visitors to view, but the “for your eyes only” section, you can now customize the layout or background to a healthy selection of colors and styles. The individual modules can also be relocated and moved around to suit your ease of viewing them any way you would like or just close the ones you do not need altogether.

MySpace has a good selection of the new CSS 2.0 layouts as well for your visitors eyes on your profile page. The staggering amount of CSS 2.0 layout choices at the numerous MySpace layout sites will certainly allow the flare and personality of individuals everywhere to express their profile page and astound their guests. The new CSS 2.0 change is extremely easy to learn, so the switch over will be no problem. The tutorials furnished will assist with any troubles you may encounter.

Facebook has some updates as well in their personal interface area. Facebook has a cleaner feel and it is easier to see your friends news feeds, status updates, photos, and posted items all designed and navigated by the new tab system. Facebook has a shout out “Twitter Style” capability that MySpace does not yet have as you are able to comment on your friends shout outs as they make them. A shout out is just a little blurb of how you feel or what your are doing at that given time or moment, like “Going to the Store”, “BBL” (be back later), “Major Headache”, or “At Work, Saying Hi”. While MySpace has a mini shout out with no comment feature, they do have an emoticon “Mood” feature that is not incorporated into the Facebook shout out. Facebooks emoticon “Mood” feature is offered as an application widget through the “Top Friends” application and others.

Facebook has prided itself on it’s privacy features since it’s inception and it actually “feels” more private when you are venturing around the profiles, groups, and featured pages. There has been much media on the virus filled applications in the mid part of 2008, but with the onset of 2009, people are still flocking in droves over to blog social network Facebook.

MySpace is geared towards senses stimulation with it’s color oriented layouts, music with it’s many band sites, and video broadcastings. You hear MySpace and read Facebook it seems. I believe that is a big draw to both sites. The “fluff” at MySpace being the deco, diapason, dress, and design and at Facebook, the big calling is association, art, academia, and applications.

The chat features at each social network are quite different. MySpace has their IM extraordinaire but the Facebook chat is a great deal less appealing because first you need to be on and logged into the social network in order to actually use their chat feature. Whereas the MySpace IM (instant messenger) is a separate system. There is no need to be logged into the social network at all to chat and the mobile IM is quite handy.

The customization of interface levels makes Facebook seem more private, but both social networks have a great deal of privacy or not very much at all depending on your personal settings. Individual privacy settings for personal information and for each application you choose to allow at each social network. While Facebook was the first to have outside applications available on their profile areas, MySpace has stepped up to bat on the application game and introduced a huge selection.

The thought of “Poking” your friends seems so ’06 anymore compared to the Pirates, GreenSpot, MyFarm, or SuperPoke applications users are crowding to add to their own profile pages today.

For MySpace users who have switched over to the new CSS 2.0 layouts, to add your applications to your profile area and show them off on your visitors page just click the “Profile” drop down to the “Customize Profile” link, then click the “Applications” button on the left, and highlight to add which applications you would like to show for your viewers.

While both blog social networks, and I call them blog networks because each has a prominent blogging community, have pronounced and visual updates, the attractions to both social networks are numerous and wide spread. Whether you choose to become a MySpacer, Facebooker, or both is ultimately your decision. Enjoy the ride.

Listen Into Our Blogs and Social Networks Show on MySpace and Facebook Updates and Differences

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{December 3, 2008}   Blog Nuts Community Saved

Come over to Blog Nut Community and Join in on the on-going crazy Nutty Fun! Look! I won the coolest of deals 🙂 I found the dreaded Nutcracker threatening to take over the whole Nutty Community!

Catch the Nutcracker WINNER: Stephanie Haile Visit her page and give congrats!

HELP WANTED: This is a very serious issue!

This was the latest mission at the Blog Nuts community:

WARNING!!!! Catch and Find the Nutcracker in


Please help us catch this Nutcracker somewhere in BlogNut Network. Nutcrackers are a serious threat to our Nut supply and not allowed in BlogNut! REWARD PRICE – your picture & profile will be all over the nutty place! If you see it, just make comment in all CAPS “FOUND IT!”

Kathy Paquette VP Millionaire Marketers

Kathy Paquette VP Millionaire Marketers

Kathy Paquette, VP Millionaire Marketers, Inc. and Linda Hoy are the creators of the coolest of Ning Social Networks The Blog Nut Community 😉

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me and Visit the Blog Nut Community at Ning Social Networks

Reverse Social Networking

Blogs and Social Networks Move Over MySpace and Facebook

Move over MySpace and Facebook, people are starting to lose the “taste” for the really big Social Networks and want to “Have it Their Way”, you know, hold the pickle, a bit more ketchup, but in this case… Lets turn a “Huge Group” from MySpace or Facebook into a Social Network! Instead of visiting a Mass Social Network to find your group, you will either create your own Group Social Network or join an existing one centered around your interest!Sort of “Reverse Social Networking” but if you give it some thought, it is really the way it was going in the beginning. Take a look at how Forum sites got started, by topic, by a group of like minded individuals, seekers of conversation )The Forum would usually cover a broad topic and each conversation or “thread” would then funnel the topic down to a more specific conversation title. Well, thats whats happening and with a Bang at the Blog Social Networks like Ning and Wetpaint!

People are gathering all of their chosen “colored blocks” from the Internet bin and putting them all in a handy sorting tank set up as a Blog Social Network. What am I saying about these bin blocks? Each category or “color” block, sorted out into music, sports, business, photography, art, beach lovers, snowmen, or any topic really is either kept as a large category or narrowed down even further into sub categories. All blue blocks for instance, or all sky blue blocks. Sub categories could include things like a specific band or music style, a type of health and wellness business, a site for marketing or a site for marketing home based businesses, computer software or software specific to learning.

Blog Social Networks or group topic Social Networks are growing by leaps and bounds and are quite on fire these days, where about a year or so ago they were usually smaller sites interactive with existing reality groups, meaning teachers and their students, sports teams, hobbyists in the here and now who get together regularly to meet but needed a site to communicate through when they were apart.

The Wikis at Wetpaint and the Group Social Ning Networks are varied and cover many topics. Over one million Wetpaint Wikis today and growing and many Ning sites as well. Most sites like this have a discussion or forum area, messaging between members, friending capabilities, a personal profile area, community home page, a page to keep you up to date with the sites “Whats New”, pretty much the same sorts of set ups as the MySpace and Facebook mega sites.

The drawbacks are minimal at this point, but some of these drawbacks to the “Minor” Social Networks can be devastating. What if the owner of the site suddenly decides to shut it down? Yes, delete it off the Internet. Well, it happens but this leaves you with the choice to then create your own. This particular drawback does not and will not readily happen with the MySpaces and Facebooks of the net.

The “Have It Your Way” Blog Social Networks are cool to join because you are focused upon attendance. For instance, at a “Major” Social Network like MySpace, you are generally on different discussion topics with many different types of friends. Some may be business type friends, some are in the gardening group you belong to, some talk to you about photography, others you met through Twitter or through blogging. So, you are faced with many topics and many people all at the same time instead of talking about only one or two subjects and focusing on the issues. After about an hour or so (maybe less), you may feel a bit scattered with the larger Social Networks.

With the smaller “Have It Your Way” Blog Social Networks, there is a given discussion line. You visit these sites to see whats happening on that particular topic, not scattered through a realm of topical discussion at a “Major” Social Network. Are you planning to visit New York, New York City, or Central Park? Are you going to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida or the Magic Kingdom? A much more narrow spectrum where you can usually find the information you seek quite readily with the Blog Social Networks.

I have found a few very good ones that I will list below:

Blog Nut Community

Stay Tuned For Profile Halloween at Kids Zone at the Blog Nut Community

Blog Nut Halloween Room Google Lively

Blog Nut Halloween Room Google Lively

CU At The Beach!

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me ;)



Welcome To imbee!

imbee is the first social network for young people.

A Free Social Network for Kids and Teachers.

Teachers who use imbee in their classes can stay in touch better with their students. With links to National Geographic for kids (brilliant site), Groups, Friends, Discover imbee with a host of site instruction, blogs and social networks. Publish and share your own pages, check out Spot Builder to create your own custom pages, Share Audio, Video, and personal blog with your friends, see what they think and check out your friends stuff too! With featured artists like Hillary Duff, Vanessa Hudgens, Jesse McCartney, The Cheetah girls, Ashley Tisdale, Jordan Pruitt, and more there is no shortage of celebrity coolness on imbee.

Imbee is your personal spot to create a blog, learning blogs and social networks, upload pictures, make trading cards, create and join groups, and just have a blast! Imbee is a parent approved, teacher endorsed Social networking Site appropriate for tweens and kids. You will need to fill out and fax or email a form for account verification to protect users safety, but this is a verification that they run a safe zone 🙂

Visit imbee parents and teachers, and see what they have for your kids.

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me 😉

{July 1, 2008}   Social Network Outages

Social Network Outages

Has anyone even noticed the amount of Social Network Outages lately? Is everyone doing updates at the same time, during the same two weeks? MyBlogLog? Utterz? Hi 5? PageSwirl? Facebook? Wetpaint? Pownce? and More? Yes, we all have experienced the daily Twitter glitches from too many Tweets at a time, but…. There is an awful lot of sites going down for a bit and taking a vacation of sorts to regroup, don’t you think?

I am not one to guess or anticipate the reason why these sites are all updating during the same time frame, but… hmmmm… Quite curious I think… Are we experiencing droves of newcomers to the Social Networking World and the sites need to take a breath to catch up? Or are we all getting set up for bigger and better things ahead? I will keep in touch with this topic and find out more.

Stephanie Haile Google Me 😉

Holy Cow! Have you seen the coolest of the coolest in the Social Networking World? Have you gotten hooked up with the Virtual World Phenomenon Yet? This is the coolest thing EVER!!!! Well, so far anyways 🙂 You never know whats coming next 🙂

With the changes and advancements on the Internet, the changes and “fluffs” on their way will be bigger, better, and cooler as they introduce them all. has a virtual world, has Avatar Towns, and…… Drum Roll Please….. Lucy at has Meez Nation! Check Out These New Neighborhoods!



If you’re smart, savvy & sexy, this is the urban Hood for you! Includes 50 Cent’s virtual office.

Visit Uptown


This is the Hood where creative folks can let their imaginations roam!

Visit Arcadia


Chillax at blissful beaches, calm cafes & laid back lounges!

Visit Chillville (PS This is where you will find Wavecritter 🙂

Hell’s Kitchen

This is the Hood full of energy & attitude!

Visit Hell’s Kitchen


This is the place to start – chat and hang out in 3D!

Visit Burbia

Posh Heights

This is the exclusive location for luxury lovers & the nearly famous!

Visit Posh Heights

Holy Cow! What are you waiting for? Get on over to for some Virtual World Fun! Say Hi To Lucy and look up Wavecritter 🙂

Blogs and Social Networks going Virtual World!

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me

Visit Wavecritter on Meez 🙂

{May 16, 2008}   Friend Connect By Google

Reading the excitement out on the Internet about Connectability and Portable Data is all the buzz surrounding Google, Facebook, MySpace, Blogs and Social networks, Internet Marketers and more. Inviting friends and influencing people are all the current rage on social network sites, connecting all of this together is a huge job that Google is tackling with Friend Connect.

“Google Friend Connect integrates with contact lists for social networks like Facebook, orkut and Google Talk. This means users who join your site are instantly connected with friends who are already members, and can invite friends from other networks to visit. They can opt in to broadcasting their activities to friends in their social networks. A post to your message board, for example, can instantly be visible to people in multiple social networks, along with links leading to your site. These instant networks, combined with the wealth of OpenSocial gadgets, can form potent new online communities, very quickly and very easily.”

After reading the article and getting excited for Google yet again, I really started thinking about this concept. I think the benefit will be to the websites who use this application for certain, but (isn’t there always a but? 🙂 It will, in essence, be like a HUGE Twitter badge or widget on a website. Blogs and Social Networks are connecting in many ways today.

If you have multiple email accounts for instance, and merge them all together to be then forwarded to say Outlook Express. Well, then say you are an Internet Marketer who has several email accounts, and you decided to merge ALL That together! Hmmmm…

Now, what if you have 5 or 10 active social networks? That start to acquire a great deal of time from you. You have already mentally placed a priority system on the sites you like best so you visit them more often and consequently spend more time there. What if you merged all of the messages, chats, and content?


It will be nice to jump from one to the other, have a “Hub” so to speak, but will it or would it be overwhelming for some? Or will it make life on the Internet much more simple having a one stop for your social information? I, personally, am eager to find out.

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me 😉

Watching this YouTube Video Will Gain You Understanding

For Even more Information on Google Friend Connect Visit:

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